Friday, 3 October 2008

Thank you and goodnight...

I mentioned recently that I thought blogging time was perhaps time that could be better spent on other things.

After the whirlwind of activity that was my trip to a course in Edinburgh and the Scottish Learning Festival in Glasgow I've decided to call it a day. There are plenty of other things which require my attention and the Festival in particular has given me some great ideas for work in school which will take up a considerable amount of time and energy.

This blog was only ever meant to be a temporary thing, covering our "short stint" on the island, with the move now being a permanent one it's time to conserve electricity and sit down with a proper diary instead!

I hope the blog has been an enjoyable read and I'm grateful for all the people who've taken the time to comment if something has interested or amused them. Equally, if I've offended anyone in the course of these ramblings, then I'm truly sorry. That was never my intention and I hope that if I've said anything in an off the cuff remark which has been upsetting or ill-judged that those concerned will forgive me and accept my sincere apologies.

Thanks again for reading.